Welcome to BucksLand.store!

There are currently 30% discounts on all items.
Discounts are already included in the prices in the in-game store (command - /s).

On this site you can purchase ranks and top up the balance of the in-game store (command - /s):

In the in-game store you can purchase ranks, kits and various items, you can find out more on the server using the /s command.

To top up the balance, you need to purchase the required amount on this site and it will be automatically issued in the game.
The money in the store is synchronized between our servers and will never be wiped, you do not need to worry about their safety.

Please select the correct server before purchase:
You can purchase privileges for 10X NoBPs MAIN (MAX6) in this section!
You can purchase privileges for 10X NoBPs TRIO in this section!

Quick commands for connecting to the servers (copy and paste the command into the F1 game console):
BucksLand 10X NoBPs MAIN (MAX6) - connect s1.bucks.land
BucksLand 10X NoBPs TRIO - connect s2.bucks.land